Sally - 65

After years of suffering from Anxiety and Depression I have to say a very big thank you to Stemcellmanila for suggesting Exosomes treatment for me and afterwards a thorough Anti - Ageing therapy which has totally change my life!

Aton - 66

An incredible experience with Stemcellmanila, I have suffered with Arthritis for over 20 years and after doing both the Stem cells and Exosomes my ability to think and process has improved 200%, my movement through out my body has also improved while my energy levels have gone through the roof! Do not wait like me for until you get to 66 to do this, Do it now and take back control of your life!

Jessica - 70

Being a diabetic for 30 years has taken a huge toll on my body, I have lost total sight in one eye and 50% in the other. I have suffered from silent strokes at various times without knowing and I was bed ridden for years until I tried Stem Cells and Exsomes. I am not as I was 30 years ago, but my vision has improved and most importantly my mobility has improved and I am able to walk and lead a normal life. Thank you Stemcell Manila for improving the quality of my life!


After being a Face Model through the early part of my life I was struck down with CFS ( Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I had tried so many various different treatments until a friend of mine had recommended the good people at Stemcellmanila, The treatments and the amazing customer care and post care had truly changed my life.